Our safety measures :

We disinfect the rooms completely before and after your arrival with steam and essential oils.

The common areas are also disinfected several times a day.

The linen is washed at 60 °.


For breakfast, we have socially distanced small tables.

Welcome to the “Collégiale”

Cruise to Fort Boyard
Cruise to Fort Boyard

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Ré island bridge
Ile de Ré bridge, Ré island bridge

Relax, unwind and enjoy good food near La Rochelle and the seaside

The “Collégiale” is open all year and can accommodate up to 10 people.


La Collégiale

 3, Chemin du Collège

 17220 - CLAVETTE


Tél.: 05 46 35 43 13 - 06 87 68 49 12


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The “Collégiale” guesthouse is in Clavette, near La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime17, Infiniment Charentes, in the heart of the Aunis province, close to the islands of Ré, Aix and Oléron, the town of Rochefort and “Green Venice” (the Marais Poitevin). Come and enjoy a nature break near the seaside and in the countryside: we provide bed and breakfast and evening meals and our guest rooms are available to rent for holidays or weekends.


The courtyard and parking area and, on the right, the terrace and part of the park (photo)

The “Collégiale” is a charming traditional guesthouse located in a small village in Charente-Maritime and Infiniment Charentes, in the heart of the Aunis province. The 18th century house provides an atmosphere of nature and relaxation. The village of Clavette, with its 1,300 inhabitants, offers a quiet place to revitalize, 6 miles from La Rochelle and the sandy beaches of Châtelaillon and Aytré. Imagine yourself relaxing on one of our deckchairs, either in the shade of a tree or in the sunshine…